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How To Present ‘Success’ To Your App Development Team

June 2, 2022

The most successful applications in the world started as an idea—a thought that was communicated in the best way possible. Of course, for many big app companies, the process begins with communicating with a team of app developers who know how to make your success dream into a reality.

Without effective communication between you and your app developer, chances are you might not be able to see your idea transform. This is why it’s best for you to learn how to properly converse with your development team, or better yet, “present success” from the cradle to the world.

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Be Prepared

Before coming to your appointment or consultation, it’s important to come prepared—ready to discuss and listen. Being prepared also means that you can fully understand what your website idea is about and how you want your website to look and function.

To help you with your preparation, here are some things you might want to consider before attending your appointment with the app development team:

1. Make Your Ideas Bite-Sized

To be able to communicate your web or mobile app idea efficiently, you could size down your general idea into smaller bites. By doing so, you’ll be able to articulate your ideas even better.

2. Create a Flow Chart

Flow charts help structure your ideas. It provides your team with a step-by-step procedure of how you want to build your app. You’ll also see what kind of routes you can take to transform your idea into reality or figure out what steps in development you might need to start with. 

Additionally, this helps you analyze your action flow as early as the preparation stage. These charts serve as your road map toward reaching your goal.

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3.  Gather Visuals

Your app development team can better understand your idea with the help of visual aids. You can gather images, make sketches, or even produce videos that could help you express what you envision for your app and how it should function.

For example, if you’re building a mobile game app, you can draw a sketch of the home screen and even visualize what happens if a user would click a button.

Simple sketches like that can not only help tell your app developer what you want, but it’ll also help them create a consistency of the functions you want to be implemented.

The Consultation Proper

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to discuss your idea with your team. This is the perfect time to carefully lay down your plans for your app and hear out what your developers can do to help.

1. Present Your Idea in an Elevator Pitch

Since you’ll most likely have a limited time to present your app idea, make sure to get straight to the point by giving an elevator pitch. In essence, present a quick synopsis of your app idea—what it is, why you want to develop it, and how this can be beneficial.

You can start by giving a short background about you and your company’s brand. Then, you can give a quick overview of your app—laying down its structure, functions, or features as the consultation progresses.

2. Discuss Your Plans in Detail

This time, you’ve got to present your flow chart or other visuals. As they helped you visualize your app idea, they’ll also help your development team see everything in detail.

Here, you can point out certain features, actions, and toggles you want to appear in your app. Describe these from the biggest features to even the smallest details so the app development team can give you concrete solutions. 

You can also discuss your app’s user story—Which shows how user actions are intertwined with all the features in your app. If you can present this to your team, it’ll help them plan updates and analyze how these can impact user experience.

3. The Visual Mock-ups

Optics is everything! If your app development team can understand the concept of your app, showing them an actual design will go the extra mile and allow them to work more effectively.

Your app developers can provide feedback and even immediately input changes to the structure and UI UX design of your soon-to-be app to make it even better than it was initially designed.

You can use tools like Justinmind or Adobe XD to create visual mock-ups that you can show during the consultation. Both of these tools have a free trial, so you don’t need to worry about spending money just to be able to use them.

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Concluding The Talk

After you’ve successfully presented your idea, the talk finally comes to an end by setting deadlines, expectations, and the overall budget for the project.

It’s ideal to always be honest with your budget and realistic with your deadlines. This is because your development team needs to know how much they put into your app and what features need to be prioritized over the other. Additionally, this is also where they present you with service packages and the best plans that would work best for you.

Once the consultation is done, all you need to do now is to consistently discuss fresh ideas and plan out your app’s further development process with them. The fun never ends!

Finding The Best App Development Team For You

Finding the best team that could work best with you shouldn’t be a hassle now. As long as you’ll have a purposeful, concise consultation with them, you’re one step closer to having your website or app live on the internet.

Now, the only thing left to do is to find a trusted team of developers. This is where Zluck Solutions comes in to help! As an international IT outsourcing firm, we are committed to giving you an excellent team of app developers. Contact us today or book a consultation with us.