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Flutter 3.0 Released: Know The Latest Features & Updates Here

July 6, 2022

I can’t believe it is time again for one more major Flutter stable release. Yes, everybody, please welcome Flutter 3.0.

Last year in Google I/O, the Flutter team declared Flutter 2.2. Since then, there have been many important enhancements and stable releases to Flutter. At Zluck, as an open-source company, we appreciate all the hard work that hundreds of community contributors have done for Flutter. It shows how great Flutter is performing and the way responsive its team is to handle important issues, upgrade Flutter, and take it to the next level.

This article will give you an overview about what’s new in Flutter.

Introducing Flutter 3.0

Flutter is primarily designed to be moveable and able to produce stunning apps. Flutter developer tooling focuses on creating our development method quick and productive.

At Google I/O 2022, Flutter 3.0 was announced! Let’s take a glance at what’s new in this major version!

Zluck - Flutter 3.0 Released: Know The Latest Features & Updates Here - Cover

Zluck - Flutter 3.0 Released: Know The Latest Features & Updates Here - 1

macOS & Linux are finally stable!

Windows, Web, Android, and iOS are stable for a while, and eventually, we will welcome macOS and Linux to the list of stable support. Flutter 3 is one in every one of the most significant milestones in the journey of Flutter up to today because Flutter 3.0 supports all six platforms on the stable channel formally.

Improvement on Flutter Web

Flutter web has not received several upgrades throughout this version. However, there are a few vital enhancements, significantly for performance.

App lifecycle API

A new API that provides you full management over the Flutter framework, engine, and content. This helps you to run the Flutter in headless mode on the world wide web. An example could also be preloading the content whereas showing a login screen or a progress bar!

You can see this new notification on the (source code), where you will see a splash screen that zooms in and loads the entire application. 

Faster image decoding and scrolling

Flutter 3 for the web comes with a colossal improvement in image decoding and scrolling, significantly exploiting Chrome.

In fact, Flutter is leveraging the new web-codec API at intervals the browsers to boost decoding images and introduces way better scrolling with a high likelihood.

Flutter DevTools

Flutter DevTools is a great addition to Flutter that helps to correct any Flutter app as productive as potential. Here are some of the new updates in Flutter DevTools.

  • Enhance Tracing under the performance tab

  • Improvement on the Network tab

  • Dedicated plugin for Provider to keep a track of change notifier

Android and iOS updates

Android and iOS were the leading platforms from the very beginning, and in Flutter 3, they have received a couple of major upgrades.

Foldable device support

Flutter team and Microsoft have collaborated to bring higher support for collapsable devices.

Put Flutter to Work

This project could be a demo intended to assist people test drive Flutter by integrating it into their existing applications. enclosed in this repo could be Flutter add-to-app module, which contains the UI and logic for displaying a popup to capture user feedback (a “net promoter score”). Alongside the module are three newsfeed applications for iOS, Android, and web, built with SwiftUI, Kotlin, and Angular, severally. Read more here about Put Flutter to Work.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Flutter is taking advantage of the hardware-accelerated graphics support provided by Flutter and open source engines ie: Flame, making it easier for casual game developers to get started.

Other updates

  • Enhance code lints

  • Improve desktop accessibility

  • Cascading menus

  • Desktop system menu support

  • Theme Extensions

  • The simplified release model for iOS

  • CJK desktop support

  • Signed executables

  • Apple Silicon native binaries

How did Flutter 3 Launch? The Journey

It will not be a stretch to mention that Flutter has been doing miracles so far. If we tend to observe the period when Flutter was launched to revolutionize the domain of app development, we’ll be walking miles along to still chat!

Whether it’s about merging the repetitive development model of the web with hardware-accelerated graphics rendering or pixel-level control that were earlier the preserve of games.

Zluck - Flutter 3.0 Released: Know The Latest Features & Updates Here - 2

In the last four years since Flutter 1.0 beta, Google has been persistently working on developing these foundations, by making new frameworks and new widgets, and deeper integration with the underlying platforms. All along with an upscale library of packages and multiple performances and tooling enhancements. 

As Google’s innovation continuing to line benchmarks, several industries started investing their effort in the same; building apps with it that took it to the figure of 500,000.

To top it, the enormous data researchers like quoted Flutter is employed by big-time platforms and many other outstanding platforms.

91% of developers mentioned that Flutter may be a relatively sleek platform and takes a lot less time to form, create and publish an application. 85% of developers cited that they got to publish their app on a lot of platforms earlier.

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