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Quick Food Delivery App  Template is a React Native based template, which helps you create a food delivery based application for both iOS and Android. It comes with a slick and modern look, all the necessary screens to build a user side food ordering mobile app. With easily customisable options, you could make the app look as per your taste and requirement in just a few steps.

Presenting the Quick Delivery Mobile App Template – an innovative and dynamic React Native-based solution meticulously crafted to revolutionize your foray into the realm of mobile app development. This cutting-edge template is a game-changer, designed to empower you in seamlessly creating a robust and visually stunning food delivery application compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Far more than a mere template, Quick Delivery sets the stage for a transformative user experience with its slick and modern design, offering a comprehensive suite of essential screens meticulously curated to construct a user-centric food ordering mobile app.

The aesthetic appeal of Quick Delivery goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing a sleek and modern look that not only captures attention but also enhances the overall user interface. The carefully chosen design elements contribute to a visually engaging and contemporary app, setting your food delivery service apart in a crowded digital landscape.

The comprehensiveness of Quick Delivery extends to the inclusion of all necessary screens, ensuring that your user side food ordering mobile app is not just functional but also comprehensive in meeting the diverse needs of your users. From intuitive navigation to visually appealing displays of menu items and seamless checkout processes, Quick Delivery is a one-stop solution for creating a mobile app that resonates with modern users.

What sets Quick Delivery apart is its unparalleled flexibility. With a plethora of easily customizable options, you possess the creative freedom to mold the app’s appearance according to your unique taste and specific requirements. The user-friendly customization options ensure that in just a few steps, you can transform the app to reflect your brand identity, creating a bespoke user experience that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

As a dynamic React Native-based template, Quick Delivery leverages the power of a cross-platform framework, ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android. This not only streamlines the development process but also enhances the efficiency and performance of your mobile app, delivering a consistent experience across different devices.

In conclusion, the Quick Delivery Mobile App Template is not just a template; it’s your key to unlocking a transformative and visually stunning food delivery application. Embrace innovation, simplify your development journey, and bring your vision to life effortlessly with this versatile React Native-based template, where every detail is meticulously designed to propel your mobile app to new heights of success in the competitive landscape of food delivery services.

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  • Built with React Native 0.67.1
  • Well-crafted components
  • Easy to customise
  • Seamless cross-platform
  • Absolute screen compatibility
  • Comes with free fonts integrated
  • 30+ mobile screens
  • Includes basic redux-setup
  • On boarding: Clean and minimal screens to get started with app’s journey
  • Authentication: Have your users authenticated with a few steps
  • Forgot password: Don’t worry! We got you covered in case you forget your password
  • Location: Select location to get the food delivered at your doorstep
  • Home: Explore and find your favourite food from your choice of restaurant
  • Recommended: Get recommendation based on your taste
  • Search: Help scavenge to fullfill your taste buds
  • Restaurant details: Get to know who is serving what at when and where
  • Cart: Review & Finalise your order
  • Profile: More than enough customisable options to build your profile screen
  • Order history: A way to look back and re-order your favourite dishes
  • Address: Add address to get your food delivered at right place
  • Notification: Keep the users stay up to date
  • Favourites: A way to get to your favourite dishes fast
  • Rate us: Provide rating and review to know what can be improved and how to serve better
  • Help & FAQs: Users can check this screen out in case they have any queries

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Quick Delivery - Food Delivery React Native Template

Designed to save hours of man work for creating unique UI, a powerful starter project that bootstraps development of your mobile application. The application has more than 30 screens.

Ready to use Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Onboarding Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Sign Up Screen
  • Confirm your Number OTP Screen
  • OTP Success Screen
  • Forgot Password Screen
  • Reset Password Screen
  • Password Update Success Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Location Selection Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Recommended Food Screen
  • Recommended Restaurant Screen
  • Search Food Screen
  • Filter Food Screen
  • Restaurant details Screen
  • Menu Screen
  • Item Details Screen
  • Cart Screen
  • Payment Method Screen
  • Payment Success Screen
  • Profile Screen
  • Profile Edit Screen
  • My Orders Screen
  • Order Summary Screen
  • Delivery Address Screen
  • Add Delivery Address Screen
  • Notifications Screen
  • Your Rating Screen
  • Help & FAQs Screen
  • Favourite Screen

What you get in package

  • Source Code in React Native Typescript
  • Project Documentation

Change logs

  • V1.1 10th March 2022
    • Added JS Version also
    • Few UI Improvements
  • V1.0 19th Feb 2022
    • Initial Release

Note: This is just a UI template, no backend functionality included.

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Quick Delivery - Food Delivery Mobile App React Native Template

Quick Delivery – Food Delivery Mobile App React Native Template


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