FLASH Wallet

Flash Wallet is an easy and secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Zluck - Case Studies - Flash - mobile


Zluck created FLASH Wallet for cross-platform mobile app and web, It is an easy and secure Bitcoin and Altcoins wallet. Quite simply, the best way to get started with cryptocurrencies! App's simple and streamlined design is easy for beginners and still powerful enough for experienced users.

Project Name

FLASH Wallet


Mobile App, Web Wallet


UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Backend Developemnt


Our challenge

Zluck's main challange was to keep this app user friendly and secure as it involves cryptocurrencies. App backend and APis were always been under attack from the hackers and brute force! One big challenge was implementing Google Captcha on mobile app login to secure login API!

How we made it happen

We implemented login captcha in mobile app with hybrid solution with the support of web technology and we were successful in achieving this. In Addition, for every in & out request, data was end to end encrypted using crypto library, so it was impossible for middleman to track the request and alter it to do some mischievous.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

We had integrated 6 different cryptocurrencies and 100+ different ERC20 tokens all in one app. While doing so, we made sure to keep the code as common as possible. Switching between different cryptocurrencies was so smooth and quick.

Fingerprint Security

We even implemented fingerprint authentication to allow user to login quickly without writing 6 digits passcode everytime. this fingerprint authentication added extra layer of security.


P2P Trading

We implemented P2P trading in app to allow users to find nearby traders on Map and interact with them. We also implemented Chat functionality using socket.io for the same.


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Zluck - Case Studies - Flash - mobile

Flash Wallet is an easy and secure cryptocurrency wallet.

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